Dr. Stuart Porter, an Elite-Level Ironman Athlete and Doctor of Osteopathy, knows first hand how important proper supplements can be in overall health and physical performance. So when he was approached about creating a better salt replacement supplement using Real Salt™ as the base product, he was eager to add his years of experience and create something meaningful. This is how the family of Flow Sports products started. All Flow products contain Real Salt™ as their base ingredient. Real Salt™ is a US mined natural ancient sea salt with over 70 trace minerals. 


Dr. Stuart Porter

Dr. Stuart Porter, Doctor of Osteopathy, always has his patients well being in mind. He has specialized in finding solutions to common illnesses by using advanced nutrition. His popular practice in Provo, Utah, is consistently full of patients seeking his expertise. 

When Dr. Porter is away from his practice, he is preparing physically to compete as an elite Ironman athlete (All World Athlete Gold status) in his age division. He knows that every supplement that enters his body will help define the outcome of his races. He meticulously studies every available supplement to add to his diet regimen. 

In addition to his medical practice, Dr. Porter loves teaching and currently serves as the Regional Dean for the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine overseeing the professional development of approximately twenty 3rd and 4th-year medical students.

Wes Huff

Twenty-nine years of senior level experience in research and development, product development, operating systems, manufacturing, and quality assurance in fast paced, high growth companies. Co-inventor of a US patent: Compositions and methods for improving human health and nutrition. Researched and wrote, Nutraceutical Ingredient and Whole Herbal Compendium.

Kekoa Loo

Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Kekoa has always enjoyed life in the water; surfing, diving, and being in the sun. With a professional background that includes start-ups to a long career as a senior leader for one of the world’s most recognized sports and athletic brands; Kekoa has a passion for executing strategy and operationalizing teams to make the complex simple. Personally, Kekoa and his wife Malia are blessed with 5 wonderful and amazing daughters that keeps their life busy and full.